atlas genius - inanimate objects (2015)

this is not music i normally gravitate towards.

it is more in step with what my kids are listening to - so i figured i would give this a spin.

the stone mill bleeds right into molecules. "it falls and rises up again" is the lyric that repeats again and again. transitioning to a "safety dance" synth groove.

stockholm begins with guitars enter the sports anthem drumming and the guitar riff from the 80's new wave song.

always interesting to hear how the old plays into the new. a drum beat from the 70's. a synth line from the early 80's. a guitar line from the mid 80's. a vocal style of today.

by the time refugees begins i feel they have defined their sound and they aren't going anywhere new with it. my hope is that in the next seven tracks they will give me something to boggle my ears.

a perfect end comes close. one of the better produced songs so far on the album.

friendly apes with its duran duran undertones and power station finish passes by quickly.

friends with enemies is the slow, semi-ethereal track.

where i belong is the concert closer.

balladino is the encore.

the city we grow is a very poppy throw away tune.

levitate is the acoustic song. the one for the teen guy to sing to his girlfriend and play at the talent show.

not overly impressed with this one. background music for the z generation.

star rating: * [of 5]

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