eva quartet & hector zazou - the arch (elen music, 2014)

eva quartet & hector zazou - the arch (elen music, 2014)

hector zazou's name on a production means that you are guaranteed a treat for the ears. the arch is no exception. and it takes doing some homework just to realize the breadth of talent from which is drawn upon to make this work.

this release comes posthumously 5 years after the death of zazou and brings into the mix more than 50 musicians from all realms of music, including: laurie anderson, robert fripp, bill frisell, ryuichi sakamoto and many others.

at the core of this recording are four bulgarian vocalists cherry picked from the radio choir known best for the le mystere des voix bulgares recordings. the result is softer and subtle, pleasant for the ears, but potentially disappointing for those expecting groundbreaking new sounds.

rating: *** (out of 5)

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