the cure – “4:13 dream” (geffen, 2008)

the cure age fairly well. in fact i rather liked this release.

smith and crew continue to draw from the same palette of sounds as we’ve heard for the past 20 odd years: chimes, layered, heavily chorused guitars. the drums are heavier and the mix more modern (more low end on drums and bass, crisper on robert’s vocal).

“underneath the stars” is moody and warm. it is the cure set in a contemporary sound.

“the only one” has a very classic “love cats”-like sound.

“the reason why” is a bit dark, bit over the top. “the real snow white” is certainly one of the stronger tracks.

“i know the dress was tight but it was all i had to wear.” the other track that stands out is “this. here and now. with you.” like the distorted bass and over-effected guitar lines.

star rating: *** [of 5]

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