silversun pickups - carnavas (2007)

take the vocal of the three o’clock, the wall of sound of the smashing pumpkins, the driving bass of the pixies, the quirkiness of the throwing muses and then throw in a bit of t-rex pop-styling and interesting guitar layering of spoon for good measure; blend it up; and you’ve got the silversun pickups.

this l.a. quartet features vocalist, guitarist brian aubert, bass player nikki monninger, drummer christopher guanlao and keyboardist joe lester. like many quintessential ‘80s bands (pixies, smashing pumpkins, concrete blonde).

the female bass player is back in as are the keyboards (a staple of 80’s alternative fare).

on carnavas, these guys draw upon some of the best of the late ‘80s cool influences to paint an interesting array of tracks.

star rating: *** [of 5]

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