flying lizards - fourth wall (1981)
Most people will know Flying Lizards for their late 70’s rendition of R&B classic "Money.” Fourth Wall (1981) puts them into new realms. Actually this recording fares quite well sonicly in 2006. Portions are remniscent to ENO ’s ambient releases. Sounds great at 11:14 this evening. I’m actually listening to a cassette recording of my now long gone vinyl version of this release. Great cover BTW if you get a chance to find online.


david sylvian - gone to earth (1986)
our of the ashes of the band japan emerged david sylvian. whose solo work meshes ambient stylings with jazz and stark vocals. this release features musicians like robert fripp and bill nelson. the recording still holds up after 20 years. i remember catching sylvian live at the berklee performance center in boston for a stunning performance featuring much of the work off this release. at that time he was touring with david torn and mark isham. the current re-issue was re-mixed in 2003 and features several bonus tracks: Get Your Copy of David Sylvian - Gone To Earth


dali's car - the waking hour (1984)
out of the ashes of two legendary bands bauhaus and japan came a timeless release under the name dali's car called "the waking hour". dali's car (possibly named after the captain beefhart song on "trout mask replica") was not a "band" per se but rather a swapping of ideas on tape between peter murphy (bauhaus) and mick karn (japan). the resulting product features some phenomenal bass playing and some of murpy's more dark ethereal vocal stylings.

pick up this disc today: Dali's Car - The Waking Hour
various artists - 'round midnight: oustanding versions of the great jazz classic (1986)
this Milestone Records release that i'd recommend grabbing if you find a copy. it may seem like listening to eight versions of the same song over and over again would be monotonous. it's not when you're listening to thelenious monk, the miles davis quintet, stan getz, the wes montgomery trio, the bill evans trio, art pepper + eleven, and the ron carter quartet. it is truly amazing to listen to the variety of ways to attack this standard. the level of musicianship and improvisational ability revealed in each of these is truly phenomenal.
power tools - strange meeting (1987)
i rehooked up my cassette deck today so am pulling out selections from my tape cabinet. power tools' strange meeting was one of them that i listened to today. this was a one release assemblage of bill frisell (guitar), melvin gibbs (bass) and ronald shannon jackson (drums). recorded in one setting with no overdubs. the effect goes from haunting meodies to out there improvisations. all three show restraint when necessary and yet take off into the hinterlands when they are allowed. some of frisell's best recorded work. of particular note are the title track, strange meeting; wadmalaw island; and unscientific americans. two of these - strange meeting AND unscientific americans were recorded again for frisell's this land release (worth checking out as well). strange meeting is hard to find so if you see the vinyl or tape in a used shop snag it - there is also a rare japanese cd pressing that you might locate on e-bay.


suba - sao paulo confessions (2000)
suba is an escape. to another place. it is not sao paulo where these songs allow me to escape. but some other place. freeing. full of thoughts. freeing thoughts. i like to listen to suba when i am writing. i do not understand the portuguese. but i enjoy the play of percussion and female vocal.

get your copy of suba - sao paulo confessions

a bit about this release, from: http://www.crammed.be/zir/03/index.htm
Serbian-born musician/composer SUBA was about to become one of Brazil's most prominent producers when he tragically passed away in November 1999. He died just a few days after the release of his now-legendary album "São Paulo Confessions" (probably the most inspired album of electronic music to have come out of Brazil), 'SÃO PAULO CONFESSIONS' Suba's musical account of life in the humid, foggy and manic megalopolis. Surrounded by a core group consisting of 21-year old vocalist CIBELLE and veteran master percussionist JOÃO PARAHYBA, Suba has created a soulful record full of atmospheres, textures and rhythms, based on a delicate mixture of traditional instruments and electronics, and containing a series of lovely songs performed by Cibelle and by guest vocalists Katia B., Taciana, Joana Jones and Arnaldo Antunes. Other guests appearing on the album include Nordeste band Mestre Ambrosio, and guitarists Roberto Frejat, Edgar Scandurra and Andre Geraissatti.

check out the crammed disc (belgium) or six degrees records (usa) web sites for more great music in this vein.

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